EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques which is sometimes known as ‘tapping’ as well as ‘psychological acupuncture’.

Disclaimer: EFT does not use needles!

In EFT we tap on acupoints which are located on our bodies meridian system. By tapping on these specific points whilst simultaneously repeating a memory, a traumatic event, a symptom, a fear etc. stuck energy is released, allowing you to feel freer.

What do I mean stuck energy is released?

Well EFT comes under the umbrella of Energy Psychology which is a mixture of ancient Chinese medicine and modern day psychology. The ancient Chinese believed energy is stored in the cells of our body. The body remembers traumatic experiences, it stores bothersome memories as the emotions attached to these are a form of energy!

Tapping not only releases the energy but it also down-regulates your amygdala (fight/flight response), changing your physiology so that you no longer react in the same way when thinking of the particular issue you focused on.

EFT is extremely effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Research shows that it actually reduces cortisol levels (which is the hormone responsible for stress) after just 1 hour of tapping.

EFT is a technique that is used worldwide, and it has been vigorously researched. For more information on research and efficacy of EFT, please click the link below: