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Energy-Orientated Psychotherapy

When choosing a therapist the web can be a minefield - there are so many modalities out there! So how do you know which is the best fit for you? You probably won't until your first session, so its important that whatever you are reading resonates with you in some way. 

Within my therapeutic practice I use an elegant fusion of humanistic psychotherapy combined with EFT / Tapping. This fusion allows my clients to feel safe, understood and accepted which are all huge elements in facilitating a nourishing space for healing, growth and freeness from negative emotions (what I like to call emotional distress).

The founder of EFT (Gary Craig) believed that 'the cause of all negative emotions, is a disruption in the body's energy system'. 


A disruption in the body's energy system is often referred to as 'stuck energy'. For you, this stuck energy might look like stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, phobias, confidence issues, addiction etc.


Research now expresses the importance of using body-orientated therapies (like EFT) when working with traumatic and/or stressful events. This is because the body remembers our experienced trauma (stuck energy).

By cognitively focusing on traumatic events or bothersome memories, alongside tapping on certain acupressure points (acupoints), we are sending a calming signal up to the amygdala which then reduces the emotional intensity of the memory and removes that stuck energy.

These acupoints (mentioned above) are end points of the meridian energy system. This energy system can be thought of as an energetic river moving through certain areas of our body, sometimes coming up to the surface, and this is where we tap.

Energy-orientated psychotherapy is an extremely powerful yet gentle approach. Combining these two methods (psychotherapy and EFT) allows me to feel passionate about my work every single day. This is due to the results it produces – I am still blown away by how effective this fusion actually is!

My clients have described this work as a ‘game changer’. They have reported that my therapeutic approach has changed their lives! Not only does EFT reduce stress/cortisol levels in the body, it also down-regulates the nervous system and reconsolidates memories which changes our physiology and re-wires the brain allowing for lasting, adaptive change.

EFT is a technique that is used worldwide, and it has been vigorously researched. For more information on the research and efficacy of EFT, please click the link below:

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