Faye Brennan

EFT & Psychotherapy

Give yourself permission to heal

Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Faye and I am a psychotherapist whom also practices emotional freedom techniques (EFT).

You will find all the information you need to make a decision on your therapeutic journey throughout this site. Thank you for visiting my page.



Faye Brennan

Over the next few paragraphs I intend to give you an idea of the therapist behind the picture with hopes that my approach is something that resonates with you.


Counselling and Psychotherapy can actually be traced back to the ancient Greeks! However, in more recent times (1900’s) Sigmund Freud introduced talking therapy. Freud’s style of therapy allowed treatment of mental illness to move away from the asylums and into therapy rooms. Since that point, there has been many advances in counselling and psychotherapy. There are over 400 different therapeutic approaches!


EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques which is sometimes known as ‘tapping’ as well as ‘psychological acupuncture’.

Disclaimer: EFT does not use needles!

In EFT we tap on acupoints which are located on our bodies meridian system. By tapping on these specific points whilst simultaneously repeating a memory, a traumatic event, a symptom, a fear etc. stuck energy is released, allowing you to feel freer.



"Wow, I cannot recommend Faye enough! She literally changed my life just after the first session. I had been plagued with feelings of inadequacy and uselessness for my whole life. I had wanted to start my business but was always getting in my own way. After the first session, my mindset was completely different! She also helped me so much with my PTSD after two extremely traumatic pregnancies. I will 100% be seeing Faye again and I couldn't recommend her services more. She was always so kind and understanding and I trusted her implicitly."

- Liverpool